“Dexter”, Our Special Boy

The evening of August 9, 2017 will forever be a sad day for Austin, Miley, Tina and EdDex crossed over the Rainbow Bridge that evening He was doing what he loves to do.  Enjoying the outdoors and running.  Dexter seen a rabbit and ran across the street in front of a truck.


Fortunately Tina and Ed were home.  Ed quickly scooped him up and put him in the truck and drove to McNabb to Dex’s  Veterinarian.  Unfortunately he passed before Allison arrived.  It was a night that they will never forget. The kids, Tina and Ed loved Dexter so much in his short life.  The rest of us all thought that Tina thought of him as her third born child and Austin’s and Mileys brother.  He had 2 1/2 wonderful years of unconditional love by a family that loved cherished him.  He gave so much love back.  He did a lot of traveling also.  He went to Arizona, Florida, and went on many fishing trips to Wisconsin with the family and Grandpa Dolder He had a very full Happy Life.  So much sadness.  So I want to tell the story of Dexter’s life and how he came to live with his family who loved him.


So to begin this story I must tell you about Tina.  She has never been an animal lover.  When the kids were young we had pets, and she couldn’t understand why we treated them so special.  You know like your children.  She never wanted any pets or any creepy crawlers in her house.  She was just particular.  I remember one day she called me.  I had given her a live foliage plant for Mothers Day.  Several months went by and she seen a bug of some sort on it.  She said, if I wanted the plant to come and get it cause it wasn’t going to be in her house……lol….That was just the way she was.  She refused to have an animal because of the hair.  Time went on and Beth, Eds sister had German Shepard’s.  She started to realize that Austin would say he needed to go kiss his brother goodbye when they visited.  So, after some thought Tina decided to look into buying a dog.  Now of course this required research to find a dog that doesn’t shed.   She decided on a Golden Doodle.  She found Windmere Kennels in Saint Charles Michigan.  They had a litter for her to choose from.


This was the first pictures of Dexter from the Kennel.  Dex was born November 30, 2014.  Tina and the family brought him home Jan 23 2015.


This is the first pictures of him traveling in his car seat….lol…He was such a little guy.



Here is the kids playing with him the first days of  his new home.  He quickly learned to love his family and especially his kids.  I think he felt like one of them.  They would play and play till he got tired and had to take a nap.



This sofa became a favorite of Dexter’s to take a nap.  He looks so small here.


Then he learned what snow was.  He loved to go out and play in the snow.  He would try to eat the snow flakes as they fell.  Last winter he had fun playing with Aunt Beth and the kids and Mars…..15284074_10208071760617384_4368189492032762874_n

Finally time to meet his groomer.  As you see Dexs’ hair was very curly and close.  It grew fast around his eyes, but it didn’t shed.


He had the most Beautiful dark eyes….You could read his thoughts almost……

So his grooming days began.  He met Shaina, his groomer.  Tina said he would spend his day in the Spa, getting a bath, clipped, brushed, probably toenails trimmed….just pampered….And he loved it…Every time he came home, Shaina put a new bandana on him.  He looked so cute.921_1502458645905.jpeg

His favorite toy was Ali the Alligator.  I believe before he was done, he had went through 2 Alis.  He would chew them up and throw them around.  Of course the kids got involved also playing tug of war.  Soon he learned to chew things….lol…loved clothes in the laundry room or bedroom.  Soon gates went up.  Laundry room,  Play room, and Living room.  He was isolated to the Kitchen tile floor unless he was with his family.  Mileys room was off the kitchen, so if her door was open, he would go in and steal her little plastic toys.  Dex was pure puppy.  With everyone being gone all day to school and work, he learned very quickly to potty train himself.  Then Tina told me she had taught him to ring the Christmas bells on the door to go outside…..922_1502458660708.jpeg

Really,  I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it.  He would run up and ring them and wait to go outside.  But of course he also learned that it was a way to just go out and play when he wanted too….Yes he was smart.  One day I got to thinking !  Where did Dex sleep.  So I asked Tina.  He sleeps in bed with us.  She had tried to keep him in the kennel on the floor, but he would cry.  So she put the whole kennel on the bed with them.  So now we have Tina, Ed, Miley, Austin and the Kennel with Dexter in it…..Thank Goodness it is a king size bed.  I don’t think he ever left, just the Kennel did.  lol……..   Tina made sure he enjoyed all the holidays with the kids.



First was Valentines Day, then St. Patrick’s Day Easter came and Dex even met the Easter Bunny.11081083_10153077037428280_4485729696862942791_n

Yes, Dex had stole the heart of TinaTina had fallen in love with this little furry puppy.  He had the best life.  Everything a puppy needed as well as so much love from his mom and dad and kids.  We use to laugh and wonder….If their was a fire,….Who would she save first…..Dexter? or the Kids? ….17952843_10209180584137279_8964095378149513719_n


He had so much fun helping the kids look for Easter Eggs….lol….He also enjoyed Aunt Beth and his cousins Mars and Schultzy Schultzy has also since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. ……… I bet their playing together right now.  Remembering their families…….17904146_10209180593017501_4739250048408324317_n

Just look at all this good stuff.  Believe me, Dexter would try to steal and eat it too.  He would grab things, and you would chase him around the living room.  He always moved faster than you.  He would get down on his front paws and tease you and run.  Finally he learned that if he stole something to eat, just go behind the sofa and nobody sees you.  He had a stash back their.  So Tina had to try to wall that off from him.  He was definitely a child.  My first time I met Dexter was when we came back from Texas.  He knew no strangers.  He loved everyone.  We brought back a Piñata and had a party in the side yard in McNabb.20160508_152410

Aunt Beth came and Mars Tina teased both of them with Spider-Man.


Then we hung Spider-Man  up in the tree.  She tried to get him to hit it…..Nope none of that….Tina asked me to babysit for him, as they were going to Dakotas for Mileys Gymnastics meet.  They would be gone a week.  So I spent the nights their so Dex had someone to be with.  I knew Tina had put in a camera in the living room pointed at the kitchen to be able to watch Dex while she was at work.  So one evening I’m watching tv and all of a sudden I hear…..”Deeeexter…..Deeeexter”……What was that????…..Then that evil laugh….lol….The camera also has a microphone too.  She was watching…..Dex picked up his head and looked.  He knew it was his mom.   Then some time that week, he was playing in the living room and I fell asleep.  I woke up to this:20150615_172344

Ohhh No…I’m in trouble cause I’m not watching him…..I stuffed everything back in and that little smarty pants kept nosing underneath and pulling out the stuffing.  Then, another nite, I’m playing ball with him.   He loved to play fetch.  I would throw into the kitchen, he would go get it and bring it back.  A great game until;   I threw to high and took out one of the light globes on the fan.  Now what to do…….Confess?  or try to buy one and replace it.  but…..It was a straight shot from the camera lens.  She could be watching as I did it…..So finally decided, confession was the only way out.   Yes, I was a bad babysitter.  Then Tina told Miley, and Miley said……”What, Why is grandma throwing in the house.  No throwing in the house”.……So we got through that.  But Dex was fine…..I believe that was the summer Tina and Ed took a quick trip to Arizona to help her friend Nikki move to Lake Havasu Arizona.14095708_10207304214549212_3840827665641782041_n

Tina and Ed and copilot Dexter made the trip….Dex loved to travel.  He was so good in the truck or in the car.  He loved his Dad.14980839_10207890682570546_6508290405288426168_n

He also took a trip to Florida.   Tina, Miley, Austin and Dexter went with Tammy, Cassidy and Carly to Florida for a week.  The purpose was to visit Gertie, who was our landlord/neighbor when the girls were born.  Gertie was very close to the girls.



So another road trip.  Dexter got to play at Ft. Meyers beach in Florida.  So he has done a lot of traveling in his short days.  He also spent many family fishing trips in Birchwood Wisconsin on the lake.  Grandpa Dolder plans fishing trips their 3 to 4 times a year.  He comes from Wyoming and the Dolder family gets together for a week.



Dexter loved it up there He loved the boat. He loved fishing with his dad and kids.




As you see he was so loved by  Austin and Miley.  He had so much freedom in Wisconsin to run and had a great time with all the family.  He always loved the ride.


He loved spending time with Grandpa Dolder and his cousin,  Rea.  She is Ed’s sisters youngest daughter.  Grandpa Dan wrote on FB and mentioned some fun times he remembered with Dex.   One day Rea and Miley was getting dressed.  Miley had her swim suit on.  She put one leg in her shorts and Dex grabbed the other leg…It was a tug of war.  Miley started yelling “Help Help” and laughing the whole time.  Grandpa Dan video taped it.  He said it was so funny.  You never knew what Dex would think up next.  Austin would play at night with the flashlight.  Dex would try to catch the beam of light….He would flash it all over with Dex chasing it.  Grandpa Dan videoed that also……Grandpa Dan said….”Great Memories”



Christmas is always big in the Dolder house.   Tina starts with the Advent Calendar.  Everyday, the kids would get a little bag of goodies….even Dex….Tina said he knew exactly what it meant.


Now Birthday…..Dex and Austins birthdays were close together, so they had a little party together.15267568_10208037334716758_2141769376691916689_n


15326521_10208048326551547_5698391249056375776_nThis is Dex’s first Birthday Party….and here is his second birthday…..I don’t think he really liked his hat….lol…14632820_10207691820759125_5620785073540187150_n

On Mileys birthday, she decided she wanted a birthday cake that looked like Dexter.  So Tina had someone make it and cupcakes.   It looked just like him….It looked so realistic.



He also celebrated Halloween …..Tina always took so many pictures….lol…



He also had pictures taken with his kids first days of school….This last picture is this year past school year.  Miley was going into 2nd and Austin Kindergarten.  Tina told me anytime I babysat and took the kids to school, Dex had to go to..  He wanted to take them to school too…..You can see what Dexter meant to the Family…..He was practically another kid.19511622_10209779281664343_114220156126612879_n

One day this spring Dex got sick.  Tina called the Vet, but she said to just give him a few days.  She didn’t want to leave him home, so her boss let her bring Dexter to the Circuit Clerks Office at the Court House.  He layed on the blanket and slept all day like a good boy.  He did get better, he just had an upset tummy.


This year he was even the Team Mascot at Mileys Softball Team….He had so many friends.  All the kids loved him.


On Tina’s Birthday, she received balloons from Ed and the Kids….This year when we were back we had the Piñata at Granville park.


Austin also graduated from Kindergarten this year, so Tina had a party for him at Fish n Fun20170618_171441

They all posed on the Merry Go Round.  This would be the last time we seen Dex, as we left for Texas the next day.  Here’s some Favorites of Dexter and ED…..



Here’s some favorites of Dexter and Tina.



This one is so precious.  It shows how Dexter had grown in the 2 years.  The kids all sitting in the back seat.  Ed had just bought a different truck this summer.  One of the factors was to have a front seat that would seat 3…..That way their was a seat for Dexter.

A few more of Dexter and Austin and Miley….







He was so Loved…..He is already So Missed…..He had a Wonderful Life even though it was short.  He didn’t suffer long before he left and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We all like to believe he is running free now in Doggy Heaven…….


……We All Love You Dex……

The first weeks were hard on them all.  Especially the kids.  Austin had a hard time understanding, as he was so young.  He was quite.  Now Miley was a little better, she would talk more about Dex.  Finally after several weeks, they all decided they needed  another puppy.  Tina called Windmere Kennels, and decided on a little girl dog this time.


Meet Dee Dee.  She was born on Sept 4 2017FB_IMG_1504905962451.jpgThis is Dee Dees litter.  and her Mother Amber…..

Amber had 5 girls and 6 boys.


This is Dee Dees’ father, Jax…….

They decided to get this puppy.  Dee Dee would be old enough to leave her mother and siblings on Oct. 30.  Tina planned a big surprise for the kids.  The day after Halloween, she told the kids that their dads truck broke and they had to take him to work…..He works up by Lake Michigan in Indiana.  Which is on the way to Windmere Kennels.  So the kids skipped school.  They fell asleep on the way and woke up in the parking lot of the Kennels.  They remembered being their before to get Dex.  They were so excited…..



This is the first family picture of them with Dee Dee.  On the ride home, they set an alarm for every so many minutes so they could all take turns holding her.






The kids were so happy.  They are all so happy again to have a little furry baby in the house……Now the Training begins again…..Potty Training, put up gates, keep toys picked up.  Keep dirty cloths and underwear picked up.  Keep doors shut…..It all Begins again….


Dee Dee has her new toys now and is happily adapting to her new home and Family…


Dee Dee taking a time out on the sofa….Just look at that cute little face……She’s a cute little girl, just a little lighter than Dex.  She has a white strip down her chest like her dad.  She is already bring joy and happiness into the house……


Now I didn’t realize at first.  Dexter is a show on TV.  He has a sister named Dee Dee.  That is why the kids named her Dee Dee.   Now Dexters  sister is living in his house and enjoying his family.  She will bring the same unconditional love to them all that Dex did.

Here is some more favorite pictures of Dexter:  


Dexters Mom and Dad……Sammy and Owen…..


Just one of the kids


Dex meets Santa



Precious Pose…..lol….Sleeping Beauty’s



Aunt Beth with the Family Pictures






Dexters Christmas Bone







Riding in his car seat….




Dex being carried in his little baby carrier….






Dex even made TV…..He was Weather dog for the day…WMBD Peoria…Channel 31



Flowers and card from Shaina, Dexs’  Groomer


Card From Dexs‘ Veterinarian Allison



Gift of Money made by Aunt Beth to the Veterinary Medicine in Memory of Dex



Tina found this note from Miley in her room when she cleaned it.  We grieve in different ways.


“So as you read this book and look my the pictures.  Enjoy the Great times we had.  Don’t be sad…..I had a Wonderful life with my family.  They gave me so much love and everything a puppy could want.  My kids and mom and dad loved me and played with me and we had great times together.  I was so lucky…….Now my sister Dee Dee has come to live with my family.  Show her all the love that you gave me.  Remember she is just a baby and you have to go through all the baby stages.  But she I’m sure loves you already.  She will give you as much love as I did.  I’m so happy you have her.  I will always be in your memories….. ”       “Dex”


This Book is Dedicated to My Family:  My Kids, Miley and Austin, my Mom Tina, and my Dad Ed…….Your the Best Family a Puppy could have……









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